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"Few lands are as beloved, mysterious, spiritual, or controversial as Tibet."

—from the anthology Travelers' Tales Tibet

From the flanks of Everest to the fabled city of Lhasa, Tibet is a guaranteed adventure—with the world's highest and roughest roads. Hang onto your seat—you could be in for a rough ride—


Can you travel back in time? Teleport yourself to another era? Well, why not...

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THERE ARE TIMES, travelling, when you fall into extraordinary circumstances—doing things you couldn't even imagine you might be doing...

Picture shows the author (guess who) dressed up as British trooper, conscripted as an extra during the making of a Chinese propaganda movie about the 1904 British invasion of Tibet. You can read the full story in Heartlands: Travels in the Tibetan World, and also in Travelers' Tales Tibet.

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Get hold of the anthology Travelers' Tales Tibet to read more than 25 inspiring true tales from the roof of the world. Writers include Pico Iyer, Peter Hessler, Wade Davis, Pamela Logan and Alec Le Sueur. Go to for details.

These rambling anthologies are like mosaics. Each piece might add only a single note of colour, but combine them and step back, and a rich and multifaceted portrait emerges. When told well, intimate little travel stories have a remarkable way of illuminating much larger worlds.
—John Flinn, San Francisco Chronicle

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